Video is definitely a buzz word in the world of marketing. Powerful statistics emerge on a daily basis about the great results video is having. According to Forbes 64% of customers are more likely to buy a product online after watching a video about it. In a world where the market is saturated with choice, if you would like to have your bite of that pie and do it in a way that is effective and true to your brand then check out these points:


Open with a bang!

Audiences are not only time poor but also a lot more selective over what they watch now. If not hooked in the first 15 seconds viewers are likely to switch off so it is really important that you open with impact.


Make it memorable and show emotion.

Unless you have a very unique business, a lot of other people will do what you do or sell what you sell, so your video is a door into the memory of potential new clients so use it wisely. A great way to do this is through story-telling, we are programmed to remember stories better. Another great tip is emotion, make your viewer laugh or cry and they will definitely remember you. Here is a link to a  Charity Film  we made for a Fundraising ball, there was not a dry eye in the room and it helped to increase donations to the charities involved.


Think about presentation

Not everyone likes to be in front of the camera; some companies choose the most senior member of their team to appear on camera as they are often the most knowledgeable. If you are uncomfortable the viewer will be too. A good production company should be able to make you feel at ease but it is essential that you relax on camera and be yourself. Being genuine is the key here!


Keep your message to the point

We always advise clients to keep their videos to a minute. You have to keep in mind that whilst you may want to convey as much information as possible, your potential clients want information there and then, information overload is not what they want want.  We are not saying that your message is not important but you need to break down what you want to say and look at dividing that into other videos. It is helpful to think about one key point you want to convey, is it the launch of a new product or an event you are trying to advertise for example.  Having videos optimised for mobiles means that videos are easily accessible during lunch breaks; times in the night when you can’t sleep and dare we say extended toilet breaks. If your message is not cutting the mustard then your target audience will simply move on as we all know how precious time is.


Offer a strong call to action

Most importantly don’t forget to call your viewers to action, after all that is the whole purpose behind having a film. Remind them that there is a benefit to them on following through on this action and leave them feeling positive about their engagement with you. Focus on how you want them viewer to feel after they have finished watching. Are they going to contact you and book on your event as in this film for The Colony Networking Group.


We hope these tips are helpful. It can seem overwhelming getting all the elements right, but focusing on each area separately will help you to get great results.