Pre production - Movement & Light

Pre production

From our very first meeting, we listen to you and truly get to understand you and your business. We need to understand your objectives so that we can set clear achievable goals.

The magic of any film comes from the creative process, but being organised ensures that your finished film meets clear marketing objectives.

At Movement and Light Films we understand the investments you make not only financially but your time (we all know how precious this is) and we want to make sure that your film truly delivers. At the end of this stage we will all have a clear plan and filming can commence!


This is the really fun part.

We will make sure that everything we have learnt in pre-production phase is uniquely translated into your video, so your message can be heard loud and clear.

We understand that every company is different and that a one approach does not fit all teams. So by using the very latest equipment we take care in choosing the right set-up for your film, whether you need one camera or five or footage from the sky – our experienced team make it work.  

Pre Production - Movement & Light

Post Production

The director may have just shouted ‘it’s a wrap’ but it is at this stage when everything comes together and we bring your project to life.

Our team are hugely passionate about delivering high quality films and we spend this time making sure you are really impressed with the final result.  

A well made video works hard to engage your audience whilst reflecting your brand, so we work just as hard ensuring all the elements are produced to the highest standard.

We will stay in constant communication with you throughout this process as we believe good communication is key to a successful project.